Direct MBA Admission FAQS

Direct MBA Admission (FAQs)

Direct MBA Admission (FAQs)

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MBA Admission (FAQs)

Ques1: What are the advantages of direct MBA admission?

The major advantage of taking direct MBA admission is that you don’t have to prepare for any entrance exams. Students who cannot devote much time to prepare for entrance exams can easily go for this option. It is a good choice for working professionals as well.

 Ques2: Who can apply for direct MBA admissions?

Students need to check the eligibility criteria of different universities to apply for the direct MBA. Generally, students need to make sure that they have scored at least 65% in their bachelor’s program and if they have opted for the management quota then this mandatory percentage becomes 50.

 Ques3: Is the fee of a direct MBA more than a regular MBA?

Yes, students opting for a direct MBA have to pay a higher amount to get admission directly in the MBA without any entrance exam. The fee is generally moderate or high but not low.

Ques4: Do all colleges offer direct MBA admission under the Management Quota to aspirants?

Almost all colleges offer reserved seats to students under the management quota. But still, there are few private institutes that do not offer admission under the management quota. Students can check this by visiting the official site of the concerned university or can also connect to the counselors of the university.

Ques5: Is there any difference in curriculum or degree between direct MBA and regular MBA?

No, there is no difference between the curriculum of direct MBA and regular MBA. Also, the degree received by students at the end of the course is also the same in both cases. Apart from this, some universities can offer some changes in the curriculum (you can check their official site). On top of everything, students with a direct MBA even if they are distance learners, will get the benefit of placement support from some recognized universities.

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