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Direct MBA Admission Without Entrance Exam

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Direct MBA Admission Without Entrance Exam

Direct MBA Admission Without Entrance Exam. Are you willing to do an MBA but having exam phobia for the entrance exam? Are you still confused regarding the process of direct MBA admission without entrance exams? If you are perplexed and unable to reach any conclusion because of either lack of information in this area or abundant but contradicting information. Then don’t worry, in this blog, you will find everything from a pen to paper that will help you in taking the direct admission in the MBA without entrance exam.

Plenty of students aspire to do an MBA but think they have to give entrance exams prior to admission. But, this is not the case all the time. There are universities and colleges which offer direct admission without an entrance exam. These universities have designed the admission process as simple as they can for students who cannot spare much time on this. Also Read: NMIMS Online MBA Program.

Students can expect moderate fees from such colleges or universities for MBA, and sometimes high fees. Direct Admission in MBA without entrance exam is like an opportunity for MBA aspirants to enhance or to sharpen their skills to become future managers.

Things you need to know regarding MBA Admission Without Entrance exam

There are certain topics you need to read about in order to move further for direct admission in MBA:

  • Is direct MBA admission a reliable option?
  • Key features of direct MBA admission without entrance
  • Eligibility Criteria for direct MBA
  • Application/Admission process for direct MBA
  • What is Management Quota?
  • Admission under Management Quota
  • Necessary documents for admission in MBA without entrance
  • Benefits of distance education for direct MBA students
  • List of universities that offer direct MBA admission without entrance

Is direct MBA Admission a reliable or good option?

Direct MBA is a good option for a number of reasons as it is the most befitting course for those who want to start their own business and want to enhance their management or entrepreneurial skills. Generally, a direct MBA is an option for those who do not want to migrate to far-off places to pursue their education, such students can find an MBA college in their region or locality or they can take admission in the distance MBA without any entrance exam.

Direct MBA also inculcates the employable skills required to work in any big firm on the management level. After the completion of direct MBA students can easily get the package of more than 2,00,000 per annum in their jobs.

Also, Deemed Universities offer direct MBA admission without entrance exams and offer good placements to their students. However, they are quite costlier than private institutes that offer direct MBA admission. 

Hence, the reliability of direct MBA admission depends upon the factors like choice of future prospects, and current conditions. Direct MBA admission is a good option for those who want to start their own business and want a degree to show their credibility.

Key Features of Direct MBA Admission Without Entrance

There are plenty of top colleges that offer MBA through CAT, MAT, GMAT, or other exams for admission in the MBA program. But not everyone wants to go through this hectic procedure which is equally time-consuming for those who are not in a situation to devote so much time to this process. Then, here are some key features that these students need to keep in mind:

  • Students need to make a list of all the MBA colleges which are offering direct MBA admissions without entrance exams. Students should take into consideration all the details of colleges related to placements, quality of education, fee, etc.
  • Students should also visit the college to have a look at the campus and other facilities of the campuses of different colleges.
  • The most important aspect that students should ensure is that the colleges they have chosen are approved by UGC or AICTE. Check the UGC recognition of colleges on the websites of the colleges.
  • Do not aim for one single college because having plenty of options will help students in choosing the best fit for them.

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