How Can I Get Management Quota in Symbiosis Pune

How can I Get Management Quota in Symbiosis Pune?

How can I Get Management Quota in Symbiosis Pune?

How can I Get Management Quota in Symbiosis Pune?

You can get Management Quota Admission in Symbiosis Pune For MBA College – Symbiosis is one of the top universities in India. Symbiosis is situated in 5 areas in India.

Symbiosis Pune, Symbiosis Noida, Symbiosis Nashik, Symbiosis Hyderabad, Symbiosis Bangalore. Symbiosis Pune has 6 campuses spread over the city.

Management Quota in Symbiosis is known as Discretionary Quota.  How can I Get Management Quota in Symbiosis Pune?

Admission in Symbiosis Pune under Discretionary Quota is Limited to 15 % of the complete Intake.

For Admission under Management quota in SIBM, SCMHRD or some other institutes of Symbiosis Students needs to apply directly to the individual institute or Symbiosis Society.

Admission in Symbiosis Pune Through Management Quota:-

For MBA affirmation in Symbiosis Constituent College students need to mandatory appear up for SNAP Test.

All the constituent colleges of Symbiosis utilize Common SNAP Score anyway the SNAP cut-off varies among various institute.

Apart from SNAP Students should also register independently in the institute of their choice. How can I Get Management Quota in Symbiosis Pune?

 Ex. A student looking for admission in SIBM Pune must apply in SIBM, Pune, separately. Admission in merit or admission in symbiosis Pune through management quota. is the most trusted in the education sector in India since 2004. is a standout amongst the best solutions to ensure this would not defer you to consider in your dream college and pursue a successful career.

Whenever you can connect with our mba- educational portal. We will help you within 24 hours.  How can I Get Management Quota in Symbiosis Pune?


The two-year full-time residential MBA is SIBM Pune’s flagship programmer, spread across four semesters and offering specializations in Marketing, Human Resource Management, Finance and Operations Management.

The structure of the programmer is designed to give students the best in industry exposure and a nurturing classroom environment, to help them become the leaders of tomorrow, in the specialization of their choice.



A focused course structure equips those interested in this field with the skill set needed to understand, interpret and apply marketing concepts in live corporate scenarios. The students learn the practical applications of marketing principles through case studies, seminars, workshops, guest lectures and research projects.

Human Resource

This course provides students with the skills required for successful human capital management. It familiarizes them with current corporate practices in the line. The course focuses on interpersonal and people management skills, to enable students to transcend the scope of Human Resource Management and become Strategic Business Partners.


This specialization is designed to provide students with a strong base in applied financial management. It helps them in sound financial decision-making, providing a deep understanding of the financial aspects of the economy and the corporate world. The quantitative and analytic skills of the students are enhanced in the process.

Operations and Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Distribution networks have become huge differentiating factors for an organisation as it competes in the market. The course structure at SIBM Pune ensures that technological know how in these lines is integrated with current industrial practices to equip students to deliver beyond standard service levels for the businesses to grow further.

Data Analytics

Managing large volumes of Data successfully has been identified as a critical skillet for the growth of a business organization. This specialization will equip the students with techno-commercial expertise to analyse Data. The students would also gain the ability to communicate quantitative findings to technical and non-technical business clients

— — Admission in Symbiosis Pune Through Management Quota

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