A Graded College SIBM Pune MBA Direct Admission

A Graded College SIBM Pune MBA Direct Admission under Management Quota for the coming, if you are looking for A Graded College SIBM Pune MBA Direct Admission under Management Quota, in such case you can contact us for details and the possibilities in A Graded College SIBM Pune MBA Direct Admission. Get Details and Process in A Graded College SIBM Pune MBA Direct Admission. SIBM Pune is one of the topmost MBA Colleges in India, every year it’s ranked in A Grade private management institutes by different ranking authorities. Get Details and Process in A Graded College SIBM Pune MBA Direct Admission.

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A Graded College SIBM Pune MBA Direct Admission
A Graded College SIBM Pune MBA Direct Admission

Symbiosis Institute of Business Management

Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM) Pune was established in 1978 and is the flagship institute under the Faculty of Management of the Symbiosis International University. Since its’ inception in 39 years ago, the institute has traveled a long way to become a leading management institute of India. Get Details and Process in A Graded College SIBM Pune MBA Direct Admission. The demanding training at SIBM Pune turns students into industry-ready professionals prepared to take on corporate responsibilities.

The institute thereby holds an outstanding placement record. Get Details and Process in A Graded College SIBM Pune MBA Direct Admission. The institute has tie-ups with various organizations for co-administering certain selected courses of the curricula. This is done to enrich and update the practical knowledge of students with current business trends and practices.

Get Details and Process in A Graded College SIBM Pune MBA Direct Admission. SIBM Pune is a student-driven institute, with MBA candidates encouraged to participate in the decision-making process that shapes their future as well as that of the institute. The Student’s Council at SIBM Pune is the student body responsible and accountable for all activities conducted on campus throughout the year. Get Details and Process in A Graded College SIBM Pune MBA Direct Admission.

Apply for the SNAP exam with these simple steps:

  • Register on our official SNAP website snaptest.org. 
  • You will need to pay a registration fee of INR 1950/-.
  • Other than the SNAP test fee, you will also need to pay a separate fee for the programme at the desired institute before the closing date of the respective programme. 

All about SNAP MBA Entrance Exams

All about SNAP MBA Entrance Exams

SNAP is a postgraduate entrance examination conducted by Symbiosis International (Deemed University) [SIU] for admissions into the 26 MBA programmes offered at its 15 institutes. Registrations for the SNAP Test 2021 commenced on 31st August 2021. If you are interested to appear for the SNAP MBA entrance exam can register for the test till 27th November 2021. You can register and pay the fees on https://www.snaptest.org.

SNAP Test 2021: Exam Structure

  • SNAP Test 2021 is a computer-based test.
  • You will have 1 hour or 60 minutes to finish the test.
  • The test will be held on:

19 December 2021 (Sunday) 14.00 hours – 15.00 hours

08 January 2022 (Saturday) 10.00 hours – 11.00 hours

16 January 2022 (Sunday) 10.00 hours – 11.00 hours

  • Each wrong answer will attract 25% negative marking.

SNAP Test 2021: Key Changes

  • For the year 2021, SIU and the governing body for SNAP have decided to eliminate the Current Affairs section from the test. Therefore, you will need to study for only three sections:
  1. General English: Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Ability
  2. Analytical & Logical Reasoning
  3. Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency
  • You will have to 60 questions
  • Due to the removal of one section, the marks allocated for individual questions have been revised. You will find the new marking system below

Why Should You Pursue A Niche MBA Programme

For decades, Indian students have pursued an MBA for their post-graduation degree. Most students choose to pursue an MBA in traditional specializations like Marketing, Finance, Operations, Human Resources, etc. While these conventional courses have their benefits, they are also overly commonplace nowadays. The question now is how can you stand out in the market? How do you pursue an MBA without doing what everybody else is already doing? The answer lies in niche MBA courses. 

Niche MBA courses teach the fundamentals of management while focusing on one industry in the current market. These niche courses provide enormous scope for those looking to break away from conventional career pathways and seek a career in the field of their interest. Moreover, there is a competitive advantage to niche MBAs since they provide you with the authority in an area that brings immense value to businesses.  As mentioned earlier, the business landscape is saturated with MBA graduates.

Therefore, choosing to pursue an MBA in a niche subject will ensure that you have less competition. Today, companies are struggling to find well-trained professionals to occupy various jobs that require skills beyond what a traditional MBA can teach. It’s easy to understand why pursuing a niche MBA in an upcoming industry will prove to be beneficial for your career. 

Furthermore, niche MBA programmes concentrate heavily on one area; fine-tuning your expertise. A niche MBA can help you become an expert or a thought leader in one area. For instance, if you pursue an MBA in Business Analytics, you will not only gain management skills but will also be adept with the nuances of business analytics as a profession. These together will put you a few paces ahead of the other candidates. 

1Symbiosis Institute of Business Management(SIBM, Pune)MBAMBA (Innovation & Entrepreneurship)
2Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies & Research(SICSR)MBA (Information Technology)MBA (Digital Transformation)
3Symbiosis Centre for Management & Human Resource Development (SCMHRD)MBAMBA (Infrastructure Development & Management)MBA (Business Analytics)
4Symbiosis Institute of International Business(SIIB)MBA (International Business)MBA (Agri Business)MBA (Energy & Environment)
5Symbiosis Institute of Digital & Telecom Management(SIDTM) – formerly Symbiosis Institute of Telecom ManagementMBA (Digital & Telecom Management)
6Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies(SIMS)MBA
7Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication (SIMC)MBA (Communication Management)
8Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management (SIOM)MBA (Operations Management)MBA (Agri Operations Management)
9Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology(SCIT)MBA (Information Technology Business Management)MBA (Data Science & Data Analytics)
10Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences(SIHS)MBA (Hospital & Healthcare Management)
11Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Bengaluru(SIBM, Bengaluru)MBAMBA (Quantitative Finance)MBA (Business Analytics)
12Symbiosis School of Banking & Finance(SSBF) – formerly Symbiosis School of Banking ManagementMBA (Banking & Finance)
13Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Hyderabad(SIBM, Hyderabad)MBA
14Symbiosis School of Sports Sciences(SSSS)MBA (Sports Management)
15Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Nagpur(SIBM, Nagpur)MBAMBA(Food & Agri – Business Management)

Top 10 reasons why you should pursue an MBA

top 10 reasons to purse an MBA from Symbiosis

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should pursue an MBA

  1. Entry to MNC’s –Many MNCs hire only MBA graduates even for entry-level jobs, and further, these graduates have a better opportunity to move up the corporate ladder. If you dream to work with some of the top companies, an MBA will help you achieve that dream.
  2. Bird’s eye view –The days when a CFO position is offered to someone from the accounts/financial team are gone; today people want to give the top positions to an MBA graduate because the skills you gain while studying an MBA gives you a bird’s eye view of how businesses function. 
  3. Entrepreneurial mindset –As the digital space is growing; many startups are coming into the market. To succeed, they require a professional with an entrepreneurial mindset while also possessing core managerial competencies. 
  4. Personality redefined-The curriculum designed for a B-school is not restricted to only practical learning but also includes soft skills development. This helps you grow both your technical know-how and your overall personality. 
  5. Leadership Skills –For the growth of the company and to drive results, it is necessary to have leadership skills. Many MBA graduates in history have taken small organizations and turned them into successful corporate giants.
  6. Globally acknowledged –MBA is a degree that is recognized and shares the same value all around the world. 
  7. Many opportunities with one EXAM –MBA entrance exam scores are accepted across all significant Institutes in India and open many opportunities for you. 
  8. Technical + Managerial Skills –This is a reason specifically for engineering students since the technical knowledge of the engineering degree along with managerial skills with an MBA makes you a complete package. 
  9. Networking –Every MBA institute has a fully functional Alumni cell. This helps you build your network with industry stalwarts. 
  10. Transferable Skills –An MBA gives you transferable skills like presentation, time management, conflict resolution, project delivery and much more.

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