SNAP Cutoff |Check Expected Cut off |SIBM MBA Admission

SNAP Cutoff |Check Expected Cut off |SIBM MBA Admission. SNAP cut off 2022 will be announced by all 15 Symbiosis International (Deemed) University (SIU) institutes for admission to their respective MBA programs post the declaration of SNAP 2022 result (January 22). Candidates are shortlisted for Group Exercise (GE), Written Ability Test (WAT), and Personal Interview (PI) on the basis of SNAP cut off.

The SNAP 2022 cut off for SIBM Pune admission is expected to be around 98.5 percentile. Read below to know more about SNAP cut-offs including determining factors, institute-wise previous years cut-offs, and SNAP expected cutoffs. Post the conducting of all three attempts, the institutes will determine SNAP cut-offs for 2022 admission. Meeting the minimum cut-offs will be the main criterion for getting shortlisted for GE/WAT/PI.

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SNAP Cutoff |Check Expected Cut off |SIBM MBA Admission
SNAP Cutoff |Check Expected Cut off |SIBM MBA Admission

Factors determining SNAP Cut Offs

SNAP Cutoff |Check Expected Cut off |SIBM MBA Admission SNAP cut-offs are determined by each SIU constituent institute independently on the basis of the following factors:

  • Number of candidates appearing in SNAP 2022
  • The difficulty level of the SNAP exam
  • Number of candidates who qualify SNAP exam
  • Number of seats available in each institute and program

SNAP 2022 Analysis through experts:

SNAP Expected Cutoff (2020)

SNAP Cutoff |Check Expected Cut off |SIBM MBA Admission

Given below is the overall SNAP expected cutoff percentile of SNAP 2022 for admission to the MBA batch of 2021.

InstituteExpected SNAP 2022 cut off (percentile)
SIBM, Pune98.5
SCMHRD, Pune96
SIIB, Pune93
SIBM, Bangalore90
SIOM, Nashik87
SICSR, Pune82
SITM, Pune83
SIMS, Pune77
SCIT, Pune76
SSMC, Bangalore75
SIMC, Pune73
SSBF, Pune60
SIHS, Pune58
SIBM, Hyderabad58
SSSS, Pune55

SNAP Cut Off 2019

SNAP Cutoff |Check Expected Cut off |SIBM MBA Admission

InstituteSNAP 2019 cut off percentile
SIBM, Pune96
SCMHRD, Pune95
SIIB, Pune92
SIBM, Bangalore88
SIOM, Nashik85
SICSR, Pune80
SITM, Pune81
SIMS, Pune75
SIMC, Pune70
SCIT, Pune74
SIHS, Pune55
SSMC, Pune72
SSBF, Pune58
SSSS, Pune50
SIBM, Hyderabad55

SNAP Cut Off 2018 and 2017

SNAP Cutoff |Check Expected Cut off |SIBM MBA Admission

The table below contains previous years’ SNAP cut off percentiles (overall) of various SIU institutes.

InstitutesSNAP cutoffs (2018)SNAP cutoffs (2017)
SIBM, Pune9698
SCMHRD, Pune9597.13
SIIB, Pune9293
SIBM, Bengaluru8890
SIOM, Nashik8587.1
SICSR, Pune8082
SITM, Pune8183
SIMS, Pune7576
 SIMC, Pune7072
SCIT, Pune7475
SIHS, Pune5560
SSMC, Bengaluru7274
SSBF, Pune5865
SIBM, Hyderabad5560
SSSS, Pune5055

SNAP Selection Criteria and Admission Procedure

SNAP Cutoff |Check Expected Cut off |SIBM MBA Admission Follow SNAP result declaration, SIU and its constituent institutes begin shortlisting of candidates on the basis of SNAP cut off. Admission through SNAP includes Group Exercise (GE), Written Ability Test (WAT) and Personal Interview (PI).

SNAP selection procedure is likely to begin in the second week of February 2021 and end by the fourth week of the same month. The schedule of Group Exercise (GE), Written Ability Test (WAT), and Personal Interview (PI) will be announced later. SNAP Cutoff |Check Expected Cut off |SIBM MBA Admission In the SIU selection procedure, final marks of each candidate is calculated keeping in mind their performance on the following parameters.

ParametersTotal weightage
SNAP score (scaled out of 150 marks)50
Group Exercise10
Personal Interview30
Written Ability Test10

Group Exercise: The Group Exercise (GE) round has two phases. In the first phase, each group is given a puzzle to solve within a limited time-frame. The motive behind this exercise is to see how well can the candidates coordinate and strategize as a team. In this activity, the key is to show leadership qualities and teamwork.
The second phase of GE is a group discussion, the candidates are divided into groups and each group is given a different topic to debate on. They are given five minutes to think of points related to the topic after which the floor is thrown open for debate. In this round, the candidates are judged for their communication ability, clarity of thoughts, and ability to convince others.

Personal Interview: Personal Interview (PI) at SIU is typically like that of another institute, where candidates are asked about themselves and their future plans. One of the most common questions asked is ‘Why MBA’? In this round, assess the candidate’s communication and problem-solving skills.

Written Ability Test: This round is an essay writing test in which, the candidates have to write a short essay on the given topic. At times, the candidates are given a video to watch and weave a narrative around it. This round is to judge the candidates’ analytical and interpretive ability.

FAQs Regarding SNAP Cut Offs

SNAP Cutoff |Check Expected Cut off |SIBM MBA Admission

Q: What is the selection criteria through SNAP?

A: The candidates are selected on the basis of both sectional and overall cutoffs for the GE-PI-WAT round. Those who clear the GE-PI-WAT round are selected for admission.

Q: Are SNAP cut-offs the same for all students?

A: SNAP cut-offs are different for students belonging to different categories. The above-mentioned cut-offs (tables) are for General category students.

Q: Will sectional cut-offs also be considered for candidate selection?

A: Yes, sectional cut-offs will also be evaluated for the selection of candidates for GE-PI-WAT.

Q: Will I be considered for admission even if I do not meet the minimum SNAP cut off criteria?

A: No. Only those who meet the minimum cut-off criteria will be considered for admission.

Q: When will the SIU institutes conduct GE-PI-WAT for 2021 admission?

A: The GE-PI-WAT for 2021 admission will be conducted in February. Official dates of GE-PI-WAT will be announced by each SIU institute on their official website.

Q: What is a good score in SNAP?

A: An attempt of around 80 questions with 85-90 percent accuracy is considered a good score in SNAP.

Q: What is the cut off for SIBM, Pune?

A: The expected SNAP cut off for SIBM, Pune is 98.5 percentile (overall).

Q: How many colleges accept SNAP scores for admission?

A: SNAP score is accepted by 15 SIU institutes and 20 other MBA colleges.

Q: Do I need to clear the sectional cut-off too for the interview call?

A: Since there is no sectional cut odd in SNAP, the candidates are not required to clear any. However, good raw scores in each section will increase the chance of selection in GE/PI.

Q: Where can I find SNAP 2020 cut-offs?

A: SNAP 2020 cut-offs have not been announced yet. They will be available online after result declaration on January 22, 2021

Q: Is SNAP cut off the same for all Symbiosis Institutes?

A: No, SNAP cut-offs vary for different PGDM/MBA courses and different Symbiosis Institutes.

SNAP Cutoff |Check Expected Cut off |SIBM MBA Admission

SNAP 2021 Student Reactions and Reviews

Pooja: ” I think the paper was quite easy this time. I think English was easy, LR was also easy and so was Quants. i was able to do 44 questions easily. English had basic grammar in terms of idiom usage and general vocabulary. Logical Reasoning had sequence and series and seating arrangements questions. In Quant, there was one question of logarithm and few questions of exponents and power. The new exam pattern was favorable and the time duration was good enough.”

Sachin: “Most of the questions were easy to moderate. Per section there were about 4-5 were difficult, rest were moderate to easy. Reading Comprehension was not there, which is a surprise as every time they have Reading Comprehension. I was able to attempt 40-41 questions. I will not go for the second attempt in January as I have performed pretty well in the mocks and here too, so I don’t think one week will make any difference to the score. I am satisfied.”

Anubhav: “The SNAP question paper was quite easy but the time was very limited and I attempted only half of the questions. I have another attempt on January 6 so I’ll prepare better for it.”

Vivek: “For me the difficulty level of SNAP 2020 was easy. It was easier than the mockS but that is the area of concern as  SNAP cut off may go high. I didn’t get much time to solve Quant but DILR was easy. The new exam pattern was fine.”

Garima: “I think the paper was quite easy. There were no Reading Comprehension questions. In English there were questions on Grammar. In LR there was one circular question on seating arrangement and there were four to five missing number question and there was one time and work question. I think the overall difficulty level was medium. I think one hour was less as in two hours you can go back and review the question but this time in one hour there was no time to do that. I attempted 35 questions with 90 per cent accuracy.”

SNAP Cutoff |Check Expected Cut off |SIBM MBA Admission

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